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  • Moving Tips

    1. Garage Sale

    Before you even call the movers, its best to do an inventory check and make sure you sell or donate anything that you don’t need. We all have clothes we haven’t wore in a while or that old furniture that is collecting dust. Why not throw a big garage sale, not only will you make a quick buck but you will also save money with the moving company. The less hours it takes to move you, the less you will pay. Oh and it also feels good to move with only the things you need and start fresh at your new home without unnecessary clutter.

    2. Plan

    Write out a nice to do list of all the things you must do such as transferring utilities, taking the day off if necessary and scheduling a date with the moving company. You want to make sure you get this done 14 to 30 days prior to the move. You may also want to have someone watch your children and pets if you have any, that way they are not in harms way. If you live in a condo building check to see if you need to reserve the elevator and

    3. Pack

    If you work with a company like ours we can do packing for you but it will add more hours to the job. By packing ahead you will save yourself money on the move, plus you can label the boxes the right way. For example all the kitchen things should be in boxes labeled kitchen. This will allow for less chaos when you move to a new location. You can boxes free of charge by asking your local retail store where they put their boxes out.

    4. Hire the Right Movers

    Probably the most important step you can take for many reasons. There are so many scams out there with companies that will quote a low price, have you sign the contract by telling you its an estimate and then add a price they choose. Then there are the others that will just pack the truck with your furniture and disappear into the abyss. Here are some things you can do to prevent this:


    • Make sure they are licensed in the State of Florida.

    • Ask if the company has insurance coverage in case anything happens to your belongings. This will one give you a peace of mind and two give you another verification.

    • Check the reviews on google or the better business bureau.

    • Ask for existing client testimonials.


    By following some of the tips discussed above you will have a headache free trip. Please contact us to get upfront quote and outstanding service.


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