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  • About Us

    The Movers That Care is a moving company founded by Alik Dudayev with a mission to provide excellence and simplicity to the moving process. 

    Located in Boca Raton, The Movers That Care service all of South Florida and offer services for long distance moves in neighboring states. Our goal is to make your move as easy for you as possible. We work hard to provide any and all services that our clients inquire about. We always promise to take great care of your belongings and remove the stress the comes from hiring outside help. All of our guys are professional movers with years of experience. WIth the movers that care you can expect grade A customer service. 

    The Movers that care offer a few range of services that you as the client can enjoy. 


    Perhaps the most hectic of all activities when moving is packing and unpacking. If you don't feel like going through this process let the professionals handle it. Save yourself the time, energy and frustration with having to pack. Our guys will pack your belongings in a way 

    Residential Moving

    If you’re moving to a new home anywhere in the South Florida area we are here to help. Our guys are always on standby to make the move a as easy and as fast as it possibly can. Imagine a going out for a beautiful day at the beach and coming back to all moved in to your new home. 

    Business Relocation 

    Whether you are downsizing or growing your business we are here to help you make that transition. We offer professional office relocation services. Don’t make the mistake of working for a fly by night moving company. We take good care of all your supplies and equipment to make sure it all makes it there in one piece. 

    Heavy Items

    If you need to move statues, pianos or heavy equipment our guys are experienced in doing so. Don’t break your back or your items and let us take care of it. 

    Long Distance 

    We are a South Florida based company but if you’re moving to one of our neighboring states we do make exceptions, don’t be hesitant to inquire, we are willing to take you to “infinity and beyond” if it means customer satisfaction. 

  • About The Founder

    Alik Dudayev is the founder of The Movers That Care. Having worked for many moving companies over the years Alik saw that there were many things done wrong and started this company with hopes of improving them. Number one on his list was customer care. Most of the movers simply don't care about the customer experience. They are only worried about getting the job done and then haggling up the prices. The Movers That Care is a moving company based in Boca Raton that was founded by Alik with a mission to eliminate all the low quality moving companies. 

    “I want to prevent as many people as possible from working with bad moving companies. Let my movers of Boca Raton make your move a smooth one here in sunny South Florida.”